• 请填写 重新报名表格如下 if you are returning to Multnomah after an 缺席两年或更短时间.
  • 如果是这样的话 两年以上 since you last attended Multnomah, please fill out a 新的应用程序.
  • Send your updated official transcript from each college/university you have attended or are currently attending since you last attended MU to或Glisan NE St . 8435.俄勒冈州波特兰97220.


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Since it has been 两年以上 since you were last enrolled, you will need to go through the full admissions process. This means you will need to complete an application for admission instead of using this re-enrollment form. 

访问 这个页面 启动申请流程. If you have any questions, contact admissions at 503-251-6485. 

Please note that offers of admission may be revoked should additional information arise that indicates unlawful or unethical behavior.